Natural Edge

Stivanello Bespoke offers a unique style called Natural Edge. Natural Edge refers to the use of solid timber with its natural edge intact and visible (sometimes called live edge).  Timber presented and used this way displays a cross section of the tree often showing the Pith or centre, the heartwood including growth rings and naturally occurring defects right through to the Sapwood and bark.  This style of furniture draws inspiration from George Nakashima a Japanese American architect and woodworker famous for his ability to present wood in its purest form with beautifully designed natural edge furniture.

Natural Edge is a way to present the timber to show the natural beauty of the tree rarely seen.  Each piece is unique and due to the natural edge timber used, no two pieces can ever be the same.  The designs are simplified with classic geometrical bases allowing the natural edge timber to be displayed beautifully.

Ordering one of these pieces can be done by contacting me directly, a variety of local and imported species are available.  Bespoke pieces can be designed and made upon request.